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Get a Free Advance pdf of My New Book!

book hypnotherapy memory neuropsychology neuroscience psychology Dec 14, 2023

Shortly after the holidays I'll be offering a free pdf of my new book Reconstructing Reality: Outsmarting the Brain to Rewrite Our Life Stories! It will be available for six weeks as the paperback is released and I ramp up for the official launch, at which time the e-book will be available. A month after that the audiobook will be released. During this six-week "prelaunch", I'll need to get as many reviews as possible so that I can reach the most people at the time of the launch. Instead of making the book available for preorder and/or doing a giveaway, I'd rather just give an advance copy to anyone who will consider leaving a review on Amazon.

I'll be sending out emails with the link to the pdf version soon, so if you would like to be kept in the loop, you can sign up here

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