Better brains begin here. 

Rewrite your life stories using unconsciously oriented strategies to make quick, easy, permanent changes in your brain. Reconstruct memories and concepts to reduce or eliminate negative emotional and/or physical feelings and limiting beliefs. Get more control of your mind and body in a way that promotes empowerment and self-confidence. 

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Outsmart your brain.

Release blocks to growth.


Dive into your unconscious mind to discover the cause of maladaptive thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you never have to deal with them again. Lift yourself up by listening to, developing and loving the real you. Increase creativity and productivity by removing blocks. Live the healthier, happier and more fulfilling life that you've always wanted.

It's time.

Benefits for doctors and patients 

  • Increased relaxation and better quality sleep

  • Faster healing

  • Less pain (acute and chronic)

  • Fewer side-effects

  • Less anticipatory anxiety 

  • Easier adherence to doctors' treatment plans

  • Overcome emotional and physical limitations to achieve therapeutic closure

What can you expect from working with me?

On this journey, I'll walk by your side, your step-by-step guide, as you truly let go of the past and make the changes you want to make in a peaceful and relaxing way, embracing what serves you and releasing whatever has been holding you back. Whether we work together in person or online, I'm always there for you when you would like some support. To this end, I have an array of options to suit your needs, all of which work in concert to help you create the life you want and make mental health maintenance a regular part of being a healthy, happy human being.

Fast-paced Sessions

...and following your brain organically means more bang for your buck. I want you feeling better as quickly as possible!

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Clever Tools & Accelerators

Malas for more effective suggestion therapy, hypnosis recording downloads and fun mindfulness cards to accelerate your progress

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Courses & Workshops

From reigniting your creativity to developing your self-hypnosis practice, you'll find information to enhance your self-improvement journey

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Our most popular plan

  • Learn self-hypnosis & grow your practice
  • Unleash your ceativity 
  • Eat and move for brain health
  • Listen to hypnosis recordings
  • Online community
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Membership means unlimited access


All of my tips, tricks and ninja sneak attacks on the brain are available in one place for stand-alone help or support between sessions. Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited access to 4 classes to improve your knowledge and results!  

Custom Audio Files

Get a hypnosis recording that helps you make the exact changes you want to make using suggestion therapy and guided imagery that we create together. You decide what is included, approve the custom script and receive a downloadable audio file for unlimited future use.

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Books & Journals

Create Yourself

One-month Journal

Use this journal to learn more about you, what makes you happy and what you may want to change - to create yourself. It is a mindfulness tool, a way to make note of the wonderful little things that happen every day that you may tend to overlook but that can lead to greater happiness. Most of all, it's a place to play and explore and have fun!

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Create Yourself In Business

Create a unique and personal brand for your referral-based business. Stop chasing down leads and effortlessly attract ideal clients.  Have the most fun and rewarding experiences possible with your work. You're not just building a business, you're building a life.

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A Year Of Gratitude

365-day Journal

This simple book provides a year of quick, easy journaling to make living in gratitude effortless. Inspirational quotes provide prompts to see gratitude in new ways and in different aspects of your life every day. You never knew just how much you had in your life to be grateful for until now!

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Support and guidance for your new or evolving hypnotherapy, NLP and/or coaching practice


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This is a great place to make some awesome changes in your life with the support of others on similar journeys. We're all about working with our brains, not against them, to change our life stories and create new possibilities for success.
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Designs to Destress

Did you know that just looking at certain kinds of images can reduce your stress? These images are designed to do just that, so keep one or more within your sights at your home and office to help increase your relaxation, productivity and creativity all day.

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