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You can do so much to improve how you think and feel and get more control of your mind and body. You just need the right strategies. I've got you covered.

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Create the life you really want. Get all of my tips, tricks and ninja sneak attacks on the brain in one place available 24/7 for stand-alone help or support between sessions. 



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  • Reduce stress
  • Release blocks to growth
  • Improve problem solving and increase productivity
  • Unleash creativity and elevate performance
  • Improve feelings of empowerment and self-love
  • Learn self-hypnosis and grow your personal practice
  • Access to all of my hypnosis recordings
  • Online community for Q&A, support, recipes and more!
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Also enjoy access to these courses as part of your membership:

Step-by-step Self-hypnosis for Effortless Change

Feed Your Brain

Creative Thinking Unleashed

Creativity Recovery & Growth Workshop

This workshop only comes around once a year! Make this class an integral part of your ongoing personal and creative growth every year. 

"Wow.... Each week was filled with insightful readings, creative exercises and self discovery prompts to help us understand our own creative blocks & urges." - D. Tran, Designer

"This course is a perfectly mashed up journey to self help and acceptance. The surprise for me was the use of spiritual, science based and logical guidance that would appeal to anyone looking for and willing to learn how negative views of self are not accurate, reverse self talk that isn’t serving you and live your best life while you shift into a space of self love." - A. Powers, Massage Therapist & Business Owner

"[This workshop] has improved my quality of life, increased my feelings of worthiness, and best of all spawned a true understanding of and reignited my creativity." I. Incandela, Singer & Entertainer

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