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Hypnosis Audio Files

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Amy's Wave of Relaxation
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Sleep Well
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Get Fit & Slim
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Hypnosis for Bladder Control
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Relax & Breathe Easily
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Stop Smoking & Get Healthy
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Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Healing
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Healing Lake

Self-hypnosis Video Series

This series of videos will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a self-hypnosis practice with lots of tips, tricks and helpful information.


How to Set an Anchor

Here's a quick video on anchors. It focuses on making a creative project less stressful, but the same technique can be used for any project, situation, person - anything - that produces a stressful or otherwise negative response.


Using a Mala for Suggestion Therapy

A mala bracelet is the greatest little tool EVER for giving yourself suggestions. A mala is just some beads with one (focal bead) that feels different from the rest. You can also use a piece of string with some knots tied in it.


Pain Dilution Technique

This protocol is really quick and easy to learn and you can use it for discomfort of any type anywhere in the body. I'll walk you through it in this video.