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Create Yourself in Business

Create Yourself in Business

Going into a referral-based business? Congratulations! Now what? How are you going to get your new business started? Where are your clients? How do you take the business advice you received in school and whatever you can find elsewhere and apply it to your new career?

This is my story, how I created myself as a hypnotherapist. I have never considered myself business-owner material. I learned everything I could find, tried all of the best business practices I was taught and threw everything at the wall to see what would stick. I learned that private practices like mine are a unique kind of business, and traditional business practices don’t always work out well for us. In this book I let you know what worked and what didn’t to get me up and running and making a living wage my first full month in business – and what has kept me going and growing ever since. You might be surprised what has worked and what hasn’t!

Using my hypnotherapy business as an example, there are lessons and exercises helpful to many other types of entrepreneurs, as well. This book is for anyone looking to create a unique and personal brand for his or her business. It's for those folks who want to stop chasing down leads and effortlessly attract ideal clients, to wake up every morning and see who's on their schedules rather than spending time trying to fill appointment openings. It's for those of us who want to have the most fun and rewarding experiences possible with our businesses.

"I wanted to say thank you so much for your book. It has been such a help in getting my business plan in action. After being given tons of business advice from well-meaning people that simply did not resonate or sit well with me, I returned to your book and was reminded that I can trust myself and create a business that reflects who I am! Thank you! I am excited to create this business again!" - Dara F.

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