Audio File: Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Healing

Audio File: Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Healing

Research shows that using hypnosis to help prepare for any medical procedure can result in many positive benefits, including a shorter hospital stay. Why? Because hypnosis mobilizes and focuses your body’s natural healing abilities, so that you can do your part to the best of your ability to help your medical team keep you healthy.

What makes Surgery Preparation Relaxation & Healing different?

In this recording Amy uses only positive suggestions that help you:

- increase relaxation and enjoy better quality sleep
- heal faster
- experience less pain (acute and chronic), nausea and discomfort
- experience fewer side-effects
- reduce anticipatory anxiety
- adhere more easily to your doctor’s treatment plans
- overcome emotional and physical limitations to achieve therapeutic closure

Additionally, Amy uses no sound tracks in her recordings. One person may be soothed by sounds of the ocean, while another may feel stressed by the same sounds. You will not need to worry about how any accompanying sound track might affect you. Rather, you’ll just get relaxing, effective suggestions to program your subconscious mind without distractions.

This recording can be used any time of the day or night. Amy does not count you up and out of hypnosis at the end, so you can fall asleep (the suggestions will still be effective) or return to full awareness at your own pace – whatever your brain would like to do.

How to use this recording

Listen to this recording daily, preferably several times each day, prior to surgery. Start up to several weeks before your procedure. Can be used during and after surgery as needed.

Duration: 19 minutes.