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Audio File: Hypnosis for Bladder Control

Audio File: Hypnosis for Bladder Control

Would you like to have better bladder control naturally and effortlessly?

Hypnosis can help – and help fast. You’ll be surprised how much control you can have over your urination without thinking about it. You can reprogram your nervous system to urinate when it is convenient for you rather than planning your day around having to be near a bathroom.

What makes Hypnosis for Bladder Control different?

In this recording Amy only uses positive suggestions that:

- give you more control over your pelvic and bladder muscles
- improve your body’s early warning system to make it to a bathroom in plenty of time
- urinate when it’s convenient for you to do so
- let you sleep more easily and deeply at night
- stay calm and centered all day, every day
- feel strong, relaxed and comfortable

Additionally, Amy uses no sound tracks in her recordings. One person may be soothed by sounds of the ocean, while another may feel stressed by the same sounds. You will not need to worry about how any accompanying sound track might affect you. Rather, you’ll just get relaxing, effective suggestions to program your subconscious mind without distractions.

How to use this recording

Listen to this recording daily for several weeks or as needed. When your desired behaviors are in place, you can listen to it less and less often, then save the recording for sometime in the future whenever it is warranted.

This recording can be used on its own or as a welcome addition to any medical or psychotherapy program to help you control your urination.

Duration: 15 minutes.

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