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Step-by-step Self-hypnosis for Effortless Change

I've put together a series of videos to give you a starting point to creating an entirely new approach to making the changes you want to make, reducing stress and increasing clear, innovative thinking. This approach will make calm, centered feelings and creative thought the new norm for your brain.

I'm very excited to share these lessons with you. I've studied attention and memory systems in the brain for many years and have received enormous benefits from hypnosis. I've eliminated allergic reactions, sleep much better, no longer crave unhealthy foods, and went from uptight to relaxed and clear-thinking. Some individual sessions helped me make these changes, but there's a lot that I accomplished alone with my self-hypnosis practice, and there's a lot you, too, can accomplish with a practice of your own. My self-hypnosis practice is the most creative and productive part of my day, when I get great new ideas for my business and create better solutions to challenges, and so can it be for you. We just aren't taught how much we're able to do on our own, naturally, which is why I've put this course together.

My expertise is in reprogramming old brain programs with new ones, which can result in decreased absenteeism, medical expenses, and lost productivity, as well as increased innovation and happiness. A self-hypnosis practice, when done effectively, can give you more control, and can increase your productivity, creative thinking and overall health. You can listen to the real you more easily and understand what you really want, as well as discover what you want to do more of and what you may want to change.

Why practice self-hypnosis when you can listen to a recording?

Because you can't listen to yourself when someone else is telling you what to think and how to feel. Breakthroughs are made when you let your mind wander in the right way, so that you're listening to the real you, not someone else. As helpful as recordings are, they don't allow for the same level of self-discovery and lasting change that you can experience with your self-directed practice.

Here are my recommendations to make use of this incredibly effective group of techniques to make easy, often effortless changes in the way you think and the things you do, and to get all of the amazing physical and psychological benefits of reducing stress, releasing negative feelings and living more mindfully. This course will give you a good grasp on the different components of what my research and experience have shown make a most effective practice.

This course is as much a lifetime reference as it is first-time instruction.

After learning these techniques, you can go back to this course time and time again to revive your practice or take it to a higher level. You can also do a better job of customizing your practice if you understand how different exercises benefit you.

After researching attention and memory for many years and working with many clients, I am now sharing my observations about what will give you the biggest bang for your time investment. I have clients who say they have bought themselves 2-3 hours of time every day by spending just 15-20 minutes using the techniques in this course. I'll teach you what I have found to be important to include in your practice and why, and how to customize it to really resonate with you so that you get the most out of it. This course goes well beyond typical self-hypnosis lessons to allow you to continually expand your practice and your results.

This is your one-stop shop to help you reduce stress immediately and steadily throughout your life, attend to and enjoy more of what life has to offer and more easily make changes going forward that may have been difficult in the past.

Discussion is available and encouraged every step of the way, and I am your constant companion to help you with your practice.

What you'll get:

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What People Are Saying:

"Hi Amy! I just purchased/finished your online self-hypnosis course and I was so pleased with how straightforward and practical it was. I'm normally very skeptical about "alternative" things, but your approach speaks to me somehow, and I'm planning on buying your creativity course shortly. Anyway, I decided to try out the techniques I'd learned to face a particular task I'd been dreading and putting off, and I was amazed by how well things went. I meditate from time to time (trying to get better about it), but this put me in the deepest state of relaxation I'd experienced in a long time. When I went to face the task, it was effortless and stress-free, which was pretty incredible considering how much I'd built it up. I normally wind up just gritting my teeth and muscling through things I dread, but this was a different experience entirely."

L. R.

"Amy's self-hypnosis techniques have truly been helpful in my life, from helping with sleep, to learning how to relax and even help on working on certain areas of my life. They are easy to learn and easy to do and quick to fit in your day. I have found these self-hypnosis techniques to be better and easier and more helpful than meditation."

Bridget M