$1,997.00 USD

Mentoring Program

This six-month program is for you hypnotherapists, coaches and/or neurolinguistic programming practitioners who have at least basic training in one or more of those areas and are starting or currently practicing in your own businesses. Certification is not necessary, but a drive to go beyond scripts and other prepackaged protocols, fill any gaps in your training, and get creative to go the extra mile to help your clients (and yourself!) discover what they really want to achieve is a must!

We examine a variety of protocols to help you really understand their elements and how to deconstruct and reconstruct them to get creative with your sessions. This is about following the client and modifying your tools to impact the client most effectively and efficiently. It is about empowering your clients. You will get a better idea about which protocols you would prefer to use and not limit yourself. If you are a coach and don't want to do hypnotherapy, but you want to be able to use some quick and easy subconscious reprogramming techniques to help your clients over blocks for which coaching alone is ineffective, you can do that. If you want to incorporate yoga or breath work into a signature hypnotherapy program to offer something that is uniquely your own, you can do that, too. This training is about customizing your practice to who you are and what techniques resonate with you to offer a service unlike any other on the market today.

As a student in this program, you will learn how to build a business that is in line with who you really are as a person and that attracts your ideal clients. You will focus on putting yourself out to the world authentically to build a referral-based business, rather than relying on advertising and lead follow-up. You will learn the best referral-based marketing to gain the most and best clients and increase your reputation as a professional and an expert. 

What you'll get:

  • Online course
  • Live bimonthly online group meetups
  • 6 private sessions, in person or online
  • 2 books
  • Access to 4 online courses, including all of my tips, tricks & brain hacks
  • Private online community

All graduates of this program have the option of continuing mentoring and marketing support as Associate Practitioners.