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Supercharge your results with monthly private sessions to get on your A-game and stay on your A-game with ongoing mental health maintenance (6-month minimum commitment).

Rewrite Your Life 24/7 Self-help Library

Unlimited access to 4 courses, all hypnosis recordings, instructional videos and more!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for self-help lifestyle tips, relaxation tricks and self-hypnosis exercises to outsmart your brain and release blocks to growth.

You'll also get access to several other online courses as well. Step-by-Step Self-hypnosis for Effortless Change, Creative Thinking Unleashed and Feed Your Brain are all yours as part of this member library.

Whether you're wanting to start on the right road to optimum brain health or tweak the road you're already on, this course will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Use this course to:

  • Stay more calm in all situations
  • Release what isn't serving you
  • Reduce physical stressors
  • Elevate your productivity, creativity and performance
  • Empower yourself to create a life that really makes you happy
  • Embrace self-love and worthiness
  • Listen to hypnosis recordings
  • Learn self-hypnosis and grow your private practice
  • Access to our online community for support, recipes and more!

What People Are Saying:

"I recently had to have extensive dental work done requiring hours in the dental chair. I prepped using techniques Dr Amy had taught me and during the process each time I started stressing I would hear her voice inside my head and I would use various calming techniques to center and relax myself. My dentist was very impressed!"

Fran E

"We won gold and played well all day. I missed 3 serves, but they were solid misses, not my old wild miss. In my last tournament before we met I probably missed 10-12 serves. This is a vast improvement. Yesterday, when I did miss, I dismissed the feelings and negative thoughts as if they were trash. Then I used my anchor, relaxed and sent the next serve into the service area. I even had a serve to win the tournament and hit it really solid. The journey continues with optimism, excitement and a smile. Thanks for your expertise and assistance."

Sheldon L